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Litigation Support | Paladin Associates GmbH

Litigation Support

Legal disputes are part of doing business in today’s global economy. Paladin Associates supports and consults legal practices and companies in successfully managing conflicts in civil and criminal litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

We collect, analyze, and organize relevant information in a dispute. This includes gathering evidence to support a client’s case, identifying and deposing potential witnesses, determining hitherto unknown relationships between parties and events, and verification of a counterparty’s evidence and claims.

Paladin Associates also assists clients in determining a company’s value in international damage suits, in enforcing judgments in remote jurisdictions, and identifying and prosecuting titled claims around the world.

Our experts from law enforcement, forensic auditing, and computer forensics can produce actionable evidence and information that can assist clients in building stronger cases. Our professionals are experienced in obtaining information from jurisdictions across the globe. At the same time, Paladin Associates produces and presents information suited to the client’s needs and strategy.