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Asset Searches | Paladin Associates GmbH

Asset Tracing & Asset Recovery

Asset tracing is a particular area of expertise at Paladin Associates. We have successfully identified physical and financial assets around the globe for banks, multinational corporations, foundations, international legal practices, institutional and private investors and insolvency administrators.

Not only was Paladin Associates engaged to locate assets in the largest financial fraud case in history, the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, but we have also identified shareholdings and controlling interests in South America, uncovered trusts and foundations in offshore jurisdictions such as Cyprus, the Cayman Islands, and Malta and, identified complex corporate structures in China.

Paladin Associates was also engaged to locate assets in the largest financial fraud case in history: the Bernard L. Madoff Ponzi scheme.

Because asset searches are typically complex and difficult cases, we work closely with our clients and assemble teams of highly skilled professionals from among such diverse fields as forensic accounting, computer forensics and former law enforcement.

For more information concerning the depth and range of our services, please contact us.