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Corporate Investigations | Paladin Associates GmbH

Corporate Investigations

New laws and enforcement actions in areas such as corruption, fraud, money laundering, and insider trading have increased demand for corporate investigative firms that can assist clients in minimizing risk and enhancing compliance.

Paladin Associates has considerable expertise in this area. We conduct corporate investigations for clients around the globe to help identify potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Patriot Act, UK Bribery Act, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and US Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control regulations.

Paladin Associate’s professionals work in close co-operation with a client’s legal counsel and draw on experts from the fields of auditing, law enforcement, finance and computer forensics to investigate allegations of fraud and corruption, to trace missing or embezzled assets, or to determine the origins of suspicious money flows. In addition, we investigate patent and trademark infringements, counterfeit products, violations of fair competition law and breaches of contract.

Paladin Associates has also developed a unique expertise in investigating Third Reich stolen art cases. Given our success in multiple restitution cases over the last decade, we are particularly well-positioned to support clients in determining the provenance of a work of art and in developing strategies to recover lost art works within the context of a legal suit or a settlement.