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Computer Forensics | Paladin Associates GmbH

Computer Forensics & Cyber Investigations

Cybercrime crime has increased exponentially worldwide and presents new challenges almost daily. Indeed, Paladin Associates and its skilled IT professionals have been called in to support corporate and law firm clients in recent cases involving insider trading, industrial espionage, breach of trust, fraud and corruption.

Using cutting-edge computer forensics tools and techniques, we have identified and analyzed electronic evidence from PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets, following proper chain of evidence protocols to ensure that the evidence collected can be used in court

Our capabilities include:

  • Hard Drive Cloning/Mirroring
  • Securing company data
  • Recovery of deleted files and data
  • Analysis of retrieved data, and:
  • Legally valid documentation of data

The analysis software we use makes it possible for Paladin Associates to structure and visualize the data that has been retrieved, even in large volumes, i.e., so-called big data. In this way, even the most complex corporate structures, personal networks, financial transactions and communication links can be identified, analyzed, and clearly displayed. This capability has also been used successfully across a number of languages, including Russian and Chinese.