IT Security

Protecting digital data and IT networks against possible attacks and theft is an ever-increasing challenge for corporations.
Our employees can support you in protecting corporate secrets as well as help you undertake electronic discovery and analysis of evidence should a system be compromised.

Mobile Device Protection

Today, mobile devices such as notebooks, smartphones or tablet computers are part of today’s daily business. In particular executives but also other employees should take measures to protect sensitive data...

Security Reviews

Paladin Associates offers security reviews in order to detect vulnerabilities and potential points of attack in the client’s IT infrastructure. The security reviews consist of the following aspects.

Data Encryption

Your corporate secrets and your data create substantial value for your company. If they are stolen or compromised, an equally substantial problem is created. We can help you to secure your data...

Security Training

When new technologies are introduced in companies, it is important to provide training and to sensitize staff for the right handling of these technologies. Paladin Associates provides seminars...