Security Reviews

Paladin Associates offers security reviews in order to detect vulnerabilities and potential points of attack in the client’s IT infrastructure.
The security reviews consist of the following aspects:

Social Engineering

The most significant risk factor in the area of IT security is the human being. Social Engineering is characterized by a potential “attacker” contacting a person from within the target company in order to obtain valuable information on the company’s IT infrastructure.

Ethical Hacking

In order to test a company’s potential weak spots and vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure, our experts simulate a controlled cyber attack. The focal point of a simulated cyber attack is to find out whether confidential data can be easily accessed without permission.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a comprehensive security audit of the company’s individual devices, servers, and IT network systems. In order to find a systems weak spots, our IT experts employ the methods of a potential attacker in order to enter the system. Penetration testing is a highly effective method to test systems such as among others data rooms, smartphones, and mail servers.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning helps to find the most frequent weak spots and configuration mistakes in infrastructure and on the application level. The test is conducted by using a network scanner.