Computer Forensics

Securing Digital Data as legally valid Evidence

Computer Forensics supports legal practices and companies in investigating white-collar crimes. Our IT investigators identify and analyse electronic evidence. The investigation includes devices such as PC, mobile data storage devices such as laptops, USB sticks, smartphones, and tablets. In addition to the aforementioned devices, company servers save information that could serve as crucial legal evidence in the course of a corporate investigation. In particular data such as email correspondence, browser and chat histories, search histories, meta-data, and protocols can provide vital evidence. However, our IT experts are not only able to work with active data but are able to restore deleted data as well.

IT Forensic Methods

Computer Forensics has by now established itself as an essential part of collecting evidence for both civil and criminal litigation proceedings. Methods of evidence gathering encompass the following:

  • Securing the company‚Äôs data
  • Hard Drive Cloning/Mirroring
  • Recovery of deleted files and data
  • Processing, analyzing and research of relevant data
  • Legally valid documentation of data

Forensic Examination of Mobile Devices

Paladin Associates conducts examination and analysis of mobile devices using state of the art hard- and software technology. In the course of a forensic analysis of mobile devices a vast variety of data sources can be examined. These include but are not limited to SMS, emails, messenger services, documents, photos, videos, voice call protocols, and deleted data.