Data Encryption

Email Encryption

Email correspondence is not considered a safe means of communication: When emails are sent to the recipients, they can be read and copied at any time during the delivery by unauthorized third parties. Hence, encryption technology is vital in order to protect information. Paladin Associates offers a variety of encryption technologies in order to best protect our client’s internal and external communication and safeguard sensitive data and information.

Hard Drive Encryption

The protection of company secrets is highly depending on the adequate security of sensitive documents. Paladin Associates provides both local and mobile solutions to its clients, making it almost impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access to desired information.

Smartphone Encryption

In today’s business environment, smartphones are an integral part of professional and private communication. However, the increasing use of these technologies also contains a high risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to information. Paladin Associates supports its clients in encrypting smartphones, thus providing a higher level of security. Our security measures encompass the following aspects:

  • Phone Calls
  • Messenger
  • SD-Cards
  • Email
  • Contacts
  • SMS

Forensic Examination of Mobile Devices

Paladin Associates conducts examination and analysis of mobile devices using state of the art hard- and software technology. In the course of a forensic analysis of mobile devices a vast variety of data sources can be examined. These include but are not limited to SMS, emails, messenger services, documents, photos, videos, voice call protocols, and deleted data.