Due Diligence

Paladin Associates conducts due diligence for a variety of clients ranging from investors, banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, listed companies, and private trusts. In today’s global marketplace, businesses operate in more than one region and with a variety of business partners. Knowing your business partners is, as the Madoff and Kiener scandals demonstrate, of vital importance to assess and minimise risks.

Paladin Associates provides consulting that can determine the success of a business transaction. We provide intelligence tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our due diligence reports comprise intelligence focusing on management and company reputation, holdings, legal and regulatory matters, financial analysis, and, in many instances, proof of concept. Numerous clients have engaged Paladin Associates to provide them with crucial information in M&A transactions, hostile take-overs, substantial equity investments, and key executive hires.

Paladin Associates deploys an international network of industry experts, analysts, and media representatives to gather information regarding a company and its business environment. Our public source and databank research is complemented with firsthand intelligence obtained from well-placed sources.