Asset Tracing & Asset Recovery

Asset tracing is a core practice area at Paladin Associates. We offer clients 50 years of combined experience in identifying physical and financial assets around the globe.

This has included ascertaining shareholdings and controlling interests in North and South America, uncovering trusts and foundations in offshore jurisdictions such as Lichtenstein, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, BVI, Malta, Mauritius, and the Channel Islands, identifying hidden industrial holdings in Hong Kong and Singapore, complex corporate structures in China, intellectual property in India, luxury yachts and real estate in the Mediterranean as well as Third Reich stolen art in Germany, Switzerland and the CIS.

Paladin Associates was also engaged to locate assets in the largest financial fraud case in history: the Bernard L. Madoff Ponzi scheme.

In 2015 Paladin Associates opened an office in Durban, assisting us in tracing and recovering assets in South Africa and other Sub-Saharan countries such as Angola, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Our clients consist of banks, multinational corporations, foundations, international legal practices, institutional and private investors as well as insolvency administrators.

While asset tracing – and especially asset recovery – certainly constitute the most difficult and complex investigative work, the best outcomes are achieved through our experienced team of forensic accountants, researchers, investigators, and lawyers.

Paladin Associates offers its clients preliminary asset evaluations, including computer forensic analysis in order to determine the risks and chances of a possible asset trace.

For more information concerning the depth and range of our services, please contact us.